Stacey and Avi’s Wedding at Hothorpe Hall

Friday saw us back at the beautiful Hothorpe Hall, where we played for Stacey and Avi’s ceremony and drinks reception.

Andy played keys for their ceremony and then acoustic guitar for the drinks reception.

Alan Hodge was toastmaster for the day, so Stacey and Avi and their guests were in great hands!

Danielle & Sean’s Wedding at The Woodlands, Hothorpe Hall

Last night we played for the lovely Danielle and Sean and their hilarious guests at The Woodlands, Hothorpe Hall – one of our favourite venues.

They booked us as their evening entertainment with DJ package. We started the evening off with some of our more laid back material as evening guests arrived for drinks. What started off as laid back soon turned into quite a few guests on the dance floor singing at the top of their lungs! It was like having my own choir! I was already looking forward to the second more up-tempo set we had planned.

Our last song of the first set was Danielle and Sean’s first dance, they asked us to learn┬áTenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran, it was a very moving first dance and looked like they had no idea the rest of the world was around them. Lots of happy tears in the audience and I was even a little bit choked up(very professional!).

During our second set, the bride, groom and guests did not disappoint! We played to a packed dance floor and once again, my choir was there. One gentleman in particular was louder than the rest and I was struggling to maintain composure again as he was trying to hit the notes in Ride on Time – very funny!

A lovely couple with great friends. We were very honoured to be Danielle & Sean’s wedding music on┬átheir wedding day.